Wednesday, 14 January 2009

20090106 rough animation

20090106 I was thinking what I should draw for the everuday drawing project.
After few seconds thinking,I decided to make a bery short hand made animation.
when I was 13,I was a "bad student".
I didn't like to study.
I had not pay any pention about the couse.
I was so concerntrate on hand made moving image where I made on the edge of every textbook and the animation was redo the actions of the "street fighter" video game.
But, this time.
I was doing a dream I had before.
here is what i have in the dream:
I was on a normal street that have some people were walking.
A strang
half naked guy was suddenlly apeared.
and the street became silent which every one on the street was disapeared when he showed up.
He stood at there foe a few seconds then start
to squatted down slowly.
after he squat a while,
he has pull his pants up very fast and jumped into the air.
He was keep doing this "squat-jump" to move forward and vanished in a book shop.
After he has gone, everything recovered again.
Like nothing happened before.

this short film is try to rebuild his
"squat-jump" action.

20090113-2008Winter vacation review 1

these series will be my review of the 2008 winter vacation.
it's originally post on the Taiwan yahoo blog.
bsically,they are some drawing that i made everyday(almost) in the vacation.
I post it in Taiwan everyday,but I 'll post them here by the subject.

the first one is "A man living in his own world"

actually it was drew my life.
I'm that kind of person who always see what I want to see.
I thought I have seen, but I haven't
Just like what I drew in this picture.
the guy have eyes, but something has block his sight that is himself.

I also dream a lot even when I was awake.
I always thinking so many different things in my mind.
I never knew that I was live in the world which I created
and when something I didn't like it happened.
I was pretend not saw it and hind into my small world.
Of course not took any advise which are good to me.

Luckly,I have found this problem by my girlfriend's help.
something blocked my mind has gone.
and because of that,
I'm pretty sure I could do everything better than before.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Left Ear Jail


this is an old project which made for apply Digital Architecture Design Ma course of NCTU in Taiwan 6 years ago.

I made 2 or 3 films in the project.
the examiner didn't give me the offer after few meetting.
they thought my works are too "Fine Art"

this pic is part of the film

and here is the film

It's made by 6 years ago,
please forgive me about the film is not a great CG film.
enjoy it.

Friday, 2 January 2009

20090102 the very first one -- the Fine Art Part
This is very first post in my english blog.

I hope here can be my illustration gallery blog.

I'll post nearly everything I made on it.

From 8 years ago till right now.

some are just for fun(which not even be an illustration)

some are from my graduate design work.
some are what I'm doing right now.

Hope every one like it and please forgive my english,

I'm trying hard to improve it.

these are a series of my work from my interior design graduate project.

It's the beginning of my whole illustration
I spend almost half year in drawing

and 2 months to make a short 3D film.

the finally piece is a room which only take me three months to design and make it out.

I only got the files of drawing here in UK.

Okay!I think I've talk too much.

Just let the show begin!!

these 12 pictures are all about the Ear
from top to button are:

1.entrance of ear

2.cerumen 01

3.cerumen 02









I drew ears is because I think it's the most silence place in my body.

I tried to image what inside the ear looks like in my mind.

these picture was lead to further project will show up next day.

these is it.

more ears will come next.
let's call it a day!!