Sunday, 25 October 2009

The Place I stay

It's a nice place!!

Animals in Short bedtime stories

Here are few drawing from the "daily bedtime story"

the "Daily Bedtime Story" is an very important campaign that

keeps going since I'm in London last year.

At first,it's helping my girlfriend to sleep well and also keep us in touch.

Now,It became part of my training of imagination!

Because the stories got very wide range.

From tales,animals to competition between Garlics.

I need to make this stories in a very short time and also make it interesting.

I'm not only a good story teller,but also created lot of funny characters!

the picture below is a camel who was almost dead after one accident!

The doctor who save this camel just changed his body a little bit.

made the camel's humps to two small fridges.

from the day that the camel recovered.

It has selling sandwiches and cokes to animals and travllers in the desert.

This time ,two rabbits are ask someone to help them

to go to the top of the mountainto see the gorgeous sunrise.

Finally, they found the gazelle to help them.

The gazelle prepared few very comfortable seat for them.

Bring them up the the peak of the mountain.

more and more stories are creating now,

I wish I could draw them all!!!


I'm lazy............